Why Clear Vision and Suncoast

Proven quality and design with over 35,000 LED displays worldwide

Displays can produce trillions of colors

Louvers are manufactured using non-reflective, matter polycarbonate plastics

Louvers are designed to trap light, resulting in deep blacks and outstanding contrast

Displays have brightness up to 11,000 nits​

Display operators have complete control over brightness settings for optimal readability

Energy-efficiency under virtually any ambient light condition

Settings can conserve up to 40% of energy use

5 year limited warranty on every Suncoast LED Display

Each module is fully encapsulated in protective silicone gel to keep moisture away even in extreme weather conditions

Vandal resistant cabinets constructed with seamless extruded aluminum for unbeatable durability

Cabinets are braced and fully welded at each computer-mitered corner for a perfect fit, water tight seal

Suncoast LED Displays do not require air conditioning when installed with proper ventilation... reducing upfront cost and weight, while lowering overall energy and service expenses 

Clear Vision Signs Llc Outdoor LED message board sign in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County is your one source for quality LED signs, custom lighted signs in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County, Pa and illuminated letters

Full Color Electronic LED Message boards

Picture Perfect

Our VideoBlazer outdoor displays allow for video, graphics, animations, text or any combination - each in real-time. It runs with our user friendly WinPlay software allowing for instant scheduling. Our V-HDTM technology uses less hardware to achieve better performance than competing products and is capable of taking multiple video inputs (DVD, internet, email, cell phone, cable TV, video camera, etc.). Take a step up from simple

text and static images and choose our VideoBlazer products. This sign is sure to make that outside audience, stop and take notice.

Choose VideoBlazer for the tightest LED pitch - utilizing trillions of

colors to produce the clearest of pictures. Whether your target

audience is 3 feet or 3,000 feet away, we have the right display for you.


- Up to 4,096 grayscale, trillions of colors

- High performance graphic card

- PC monitor direct mapping

- Real time monitoring of video signals | Capable of 150fps

- refresh rate 180 Hz

- Conformal coated boards for years of dependable service

- Fiber optic video signal transmission up to 2 miles

- Automatic display brightness control

- Component S-video, DVD, cable TV, video camera, SDI, HD-SDI interfaces available

- Automatic display temperature monitoring

- Simple inter-module connections | Multi-faced displays available

- Modular design for ease of installation and application - Conformal coated boards for years of dependable service

- Temperature regulated cabinet for all weather applications

- Surge protection available - Internet programmable


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